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The idea of building a home is exciting and rewarding. Your new home will be the place where you live, love, laugh, and grow for years to come. And while it may seem like a daunting task at first, Moreno Valley Pro Concrete has all the right tools for success! Our team of professionals can help with everything like concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, foundations, block walls, retaining walls, fireplaces, and more – we take care of every detail so your dreams become reality.

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    Excellent Concrete and Masonry Services in Moreno Valley, California

    At Moreno Valley Pro Concrete, we are committed to delivering professional concrete and masonry services at competitive prices. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and know that it is important for homeowners to have a reliable company they can rely on to get their jobs done right. Whether you need a new driveway, patio, retaining wall, or any other custom work done to your property, our skilled professionals will do all the hard work for you.  With our expertise in both residential and commercial projects, you can rest assured knowing your project will be done with precision.

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     Homeowners in Moreno Valley have a lot to think about when it comes to their homes. They’re faced with big decisions on what they want to be done, who they trust for the job, and how much money they can spend. Our company has been serving Moreno Valley homeowners with quality workmanship and customer service for many years. We specialize in all phases of concrete construction and repair services, including:

    Concrete Driveway

    A concrete driveway is a perfect solution for Moreno Valley homeowners who need a durable, low-maintenance surface that can handle heavy traffic. A concrete driveway will last 20+ years and it’s easy to maintain – just sweep or hose down with water. It’s also available in many colors so you can match your home’s exterior or add some curb appeal with an eye-catching color! 

    We just added a few phenomenal employees to our company, some that even have run their own company prior to joining our team. On of our lead foreman ran his own driveway resurfacing company before taking his talents to our team.

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    A driveway is one of the most important features of a home. It not only provides access to the house, but it also serves as an area where people can park their vehicles. A concrete driveway can provide homeowners with many benefits including increased curb appeal and increased property value. As such, it is important for Moreno Valley homeowners to know what they are getting into before they decide on installing a new concrete driveway. 

    Concrete Patio

    A concrete patio is a great addition to any home. It can be used as an outdoor living space for entertaining, or as a place to relax on the weekends with your family. A concrete patio will last longer than other types of paving materials and is less expensive in the long run. However, many homeowners are not aware that there’s more than one type of concrete available for patios – standard gray cement is just one option! We have great concrete patio finishers, including a lead from Concrete patios Fishers. By choosing colors like brownstone, sandstone, or even blue quartzite you can create a custom look that matches your home’s exterior beautifully. Moreno Valley homeowners can have a custom patio installed in just one day – so even if you’re unable to wait long, your home will look fabulous in no time!

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    Pool Deck

    When it comes to building your dream backyard, the pool deck is one of the best places to start. Pool decks can be designed in a variety of ways and come with an array of features that will make your backyard space not only look better but also feel safer for you and any guests who visit. 

    A pool deck is an integral part of any home with a backyard pool. It provides homeowners with easy access to the water while protecting them from slips and falls. We offer concrete decks in many different colors – so you can choose one that matches your style, or even pick out something more adventurous like denim blue! 

    Concrete Walls

    Most homeowners know that a concrete wall is strong and long-lasting. But, they may not realize the many benefits of using it to create outdoor living spaces in Moreno Valley. A comparatively low cost, durability, and versatility make it an attractive choice for your home’s exterior. With so many options available, there’s one perfect solution for every yard. 

    More than just a sturdy surface – Concrete walls offer beautiful finishes that can be customized to suit any taste or style while also protecting your family from the sun’s rays with UPF 50+ protection. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about water damage because concrete walls are extremely moisture resistant. When installed by our expert Moreno Valley concrete contractors, your walls will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

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    Concrete walls are an attractive way to divide your property or define features like driveways, gardens, and patios. They can also be used for decorative purposes – our company offers concrete walls in many different designs including blocky stone texture, smooth flat finish, rustic brick patterning, various patterns of natural stones, and much more!

    Other Concrete Services

    Moreno Valley Pro Concrete does not just specialize in driveways and patios. We also offer stamped concrete, retaining walls, concrete pavers, concrete pouring, colored concrete, epoxy flooring, and do concrete resurfacing and concrete repairs, to name a few! All of which come with the same high-quality workmanship that Moreno Valley homeowners have come to expect from us – making it easy for them to choose us as their concrete construction company.

    Moreno Valley Masonry

    The masonry work of our Moreno Valley Pro Concrete is one of the best in the industry. Our team has been installing brick and stone for many years, which is why we are considered experts at it. Here are some masonry works we offer to improve your home: 

    Stone Masonry

    Stone is a material that can be used to beautify a property in a variety of ways. From the exterior of your home to the interior walls and floors, there are many different uses for this versatile building material. It can also be used as an accent piece or focal point in certain rooms with its rich textures and colors complementing any decor style from modern to traditional. With our experienced team of experts, we have everything you need from design consultations and project management services all the way through installation and maintenance once your job is complete. We offer competitive rates for all these services at one company! We offer a wide range of stone designs and colors to match your home’s style. We can install natural stone such as marble, granite, or slate – or we can create custom textures using concrete masonry. No job is too big for us!

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    Brick Masonry

    Brick is a timeless material that can add elegance, character, and charm to your home. There are many different types of bricks with their own unique colorations and designs – so we will work closely with you during the design phase of your project in order for us to build something beautiful! Our team has years of experience working with all kinds of brick materials such as:

    • Red Brick  and other earth tone colors;
    • Sand-blasted red brick;
    • Beige/tan brick, Gray or black stacked (herringbone) patterned brick; and more. We use only high-quality masonry materials that have been pre-selected by our Moreno Valley brick masons for quality and longevity. We also offer a maintenance agreement as an added value to all of our customers.

    Retaining Wall

    A retaining wall is a structure used to prevent soil from slumping. This can be done for aesthetic purposes or as a method of preventing erosion and the collapse of the ground surface due to natural occurrences such as wind, rain, and earthquakes. Retaining walls are built with stone, concrete blocks, brick, wood planks, or other materials that will not easily disintegrate over time. The height of these walls varies depending on their purpose as well as local building codes and regulations. They also vary in width based on the slope they’re being constructed on. 

    Retaining walls serve an important function by protecting both property and people from potentially hazardous events like landslides caused by heavy rainfall or mudslides caused by wet weather conditions during the winter months. A retaining wall can also be installed to prevent soil erosion on hillsides, slopes, and other sloped surfaces. It’s important to note that all retaining walls need regular inspections by professional masonry experts in order for them to remain safe and functional over time. For the safety of your home or business as well as anyone visiting it, we recommend hiring a Moreno Valley Pro Concrete mason right away!

    Other Masonry Services

    Aside from the services mentioned above, our experts can also install other types of masonry materials such as brick pavers, paving stones, interlocking paving stones, or bricks for patios. No matter how big or small your project is, we want to be the one you trust when it comes to all things masonry! We’ve been serving both residential and commercial properties for many years with industry-leading expertise in this field. Our Moreno Valley Pro Concrete team would love nothing more than to make a positive impact on your property’s curb appeal through these remarkable building solutions today. While we are working on your property, we can provide a litany of services, and if the dollar amount is right, we go outside of concrete and masonry services. We’ve done things like install turf, block fences, and done gutter cleaning now that we have an employee that has worked for gutter cleaning Milwaukee

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