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Moreno Valley Pro Concrete specializes in a large variety of California hardscape construction. This includes just about any project of concrete, natural stone, or brick. Among other services, we offer:

Natural Stone Designs 

We have the largest selection of natural stones in Riverside County. If you can’t find a particular type or color of the stone, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you locate it from one of our many suppliers.

Give us a call at (951) 916-1805 to get free estimates.

Brickwork Designs

Our brickwork service includes installations of concrete masonry units (bricks), mortar, and grout. We also offer full-service brick pavers for driveways or walkways.

Concrete Masonry

We offer a large variety of block masonry and cut stone accents, as well as fireplaces and garden walls.

Using the above materials, Moreno Valley Pro Concrete has built incredible things over the years. Including work in:


Cobblestone driveways are the perfect choice for your home; they add old-world charm and value to any property. They also provide excellent drainage and do not require much maintenance. We also do work in other kinds of natural stone, such as flagstone and sandstone.

Concrete Flooring

Our poured floors are perfect for any office, shop, office, or retail space. They can be stamped to resemble tile or stone and can even mimic the appearance of hardwood floors. Go ahead, put our crew to the test. We’ve got all the talent for it and more.

Custom Concrete Forms & Frames

If you are interested in building something yourself, we offer prefabricated frames and forms that can be utilized for just about any project. We’ve done projects as small as a child’s sandbox to full-sized swimming pools and patios.

Concrete Staining

Are you looking to add color and design to your home? We offer custom staining services that give any concrete the appearance of brick, tile, granite, or slate. We can add color to driveways and patios, make your stamped concrete look like flagstone, or give a new look to any room in your home.

Moreno Valley Pro Concrete provides all of these services and more at a single phone call. You won’t find a better concrete contractor than us because not only do we provide the best construction in concrete, brick, and natural stone, but our professional attitude goes deeper than any veneer.

Concrete, brick, and natural stone are vital building and construction materials, and we take pride in the work we do. We provide nothing but our best, bringing out the true beauty of your vision so it can become a glorious reality.

If you’re looking for an honest hardscape contractor in Moreno Valley, CA, to handle any project at your home or commercial property, please give us a call at (951) 916-1805.

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